Annual Rig Fra Day – continued

Thanks everyone who read the post and made some Rig Fra this week.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as my family did this past Friday night.

I just had to share this great picture of an old Lista’s menu my Aunt Phyllis sent me (not sure the exact date but by the pricing I would say late 60’s / early 70’s — wish we could find a place that inexpensive today!)  

Notice that Rigatoni Fra Diavolo is featured right on top!


So until next time remember, “The sauce make the difference!”

One thought on “Annual Rig Fra Day – continued

  1. Hi Dan. I love your blog and the recipes. Rig Fra is my favorite and brings back fun memories of you, me, Andy and the gang from church. So excited to see you sharing Lista’s Italian Cuisine with the world. Please make a pan of Rig Fra and bring it to share with my friends here in Ohio.


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